Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Cute!

I've always thought the photos I take of my own kids or kids whom I know well and whom I love dearly are my best work.  It takes a knowing to truly convey a child's spirit in a photograph.
I often think that mamas take the very best photos of their own children, better than fancy photographers in a studio...because they are "writing with light" (what the word photo-graphy means) from a deep well of knowledge of their subject.

I know when the weather is just right outside, when the lighting will be magical in that one corner of our yard, when that one really cute outfit she has is clean, and when she will be in a good mood.

I know what her trademark expressions are and how she responds to new situations.

I know what to say to make her smile.
I know to click fast when she does that funny little smirk.

I know that I love her and that shines through in these pictures!

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