Sunday, January 19, 2014

Psalm 126:3


I love to look back over my photos and remember special moments where God was at work.
This picture of my friend Lori is one of my all-time favorites as she trusted God for the safety of her baby after some difficult pregnancies and the stillbirth of her precious baby girl, Ava Grace.
When this picture was taken, she didn't know what would happen with her pregnancy, but she clung to this verse.  Just a couple of days after this was taken, she ended up being sent to Denver, many miles from home, to spend a few months at a special hospital, on bedrest, waiting for Asher's birth.  Asher was a healthy 3-pounder when he was born, 2 months early, and now he is the happiest, sweetest lil' 2 year-old guy ever!  And...just a week ago, a dear friend of Lori's gave birth to a baby girl and named her Ava in honor of Lori's child...what a beautiful gift!  

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