Sunday, June 15, 2014

Where Am I?

I apologize to my readers here for my long absence.  Life took over and my spring was full of great things but I just didn't have the energy or inspiration to blog on top of all of my part-time jobs and being a wife, mom, and teacher to my 4 active kids.  I love encouraging others and was hoping this blog would be an outlet for that.  This spring a lady at my church started an encouragement ministry where we get together weekly and pray together and send cards to people in our congregation so I feel that I am able to better use my gift of encouragement in that way rather than blogging random thoughts of encouragement into the unknown.  As I took a few months off from blogging and considered whether it's just time to say goodbye to blogging for good or to re-examine whom I want to blog for, I came to the conclusion that I do have a lot to share, but for a very-targeted audience.  My family doesn't read blogs, and most of my friends don't read blogs.  I feel like it is pointless to use the blogging medium to keep in touch with family and update them on our kids and that there are far more-talented women out there on the web sharing homemaking tips and yummy recipes.  Two areas that I do have much to share on at this stage of life are in the "simple living" category and the "Classical Conversations" category.  I haven't seen anyone try to combine the two so I thought for a long time about starting a blog to encourage CC moms to keep things simple.  Time will tell whether or not I'll be able to keep up with blogging there, but I'm trying my hand at it!  If you've enjoyed this blog, during its' short duration, and are wondering what we are up to, feel free to check out: