Tuesday, December 31, 2013

About Me

When I come across a new blog, I like to read the background of the author
to gain a sense of who they are and where they are coming from.  This is mine!
My name is Lindsey.  I've been married to Josiah for 10 years.  We met in Bible college and ended up being friends after a theological debate inspired by a Christian t-shirt he was wearing.  As a teenager, I had really admired King Josiah in the Bible and had a poster about him on my wall.  Josiah was my favorite boy name.  Later on, when Josiah and I fell in love, this ended up being one those little "signs" from God that this guy was the right one for me to marry.
Josiah is a carpenter, working for my dad.  I am an at-home mom who works a few hours a week doing cleaning jobs for a law office and an elderly couple and I also tutor a Classical Conversations class.  I often get hired to do photo shoots for people, but I don't consider myself a professional photographer because I have limited equipment and don't have photoshop.  I love to read, take pictures, write, cook, bake, and organize.  Most people who meet me assume that I'm an extrovert because I talk a LOT and love social events, but I'm actually an introvert who recharges with quiet and alone time. 
Josiah and I have 2 boys and 2 girls.  As of this post, they are 3,5,7, and almost 9.  They keep us hopping!  We are often exhausted and uncertain in our roles as parents, but ultimately, these 4 little souls bring us lots of joy and are enormous blessings to us.  Parenting requires a lot of faith!
We live in my home state, gorgeous Wyoming, and have a fairly simple life.  We live in a friendly rural town where most folks enjoy walking, biking, or jogging in the shadow of the mountains.  My parents live within 1/2 a mile and there is a park in our neighborhood.  We attend a growing church that is filled with wonderful, Christ-seekers who model God's love and grace.
I am always trying to make our life less-cluttered.  We haven't yet succumbed to owning cell phones and we drive older vehicles and live debt-free except for the mortgage.  We also have a darling pet bunny named Magellan.
Our children are enrolled in Classical Conversations, a homeschooling co-op, and we all love it and are learning a lot!  It has been a blessing to me to have a regular "support" group in our homeschooling endeavors.
My in-real-life friends often join me for a cup of cocoa or tea and fruit dipped in chocolate fondue as we discuss our kids' crazy antics, our faith, and how to simplify our lives.  I love Chai lattes, Thirty-One bags, doTerra essential oils, quality chocolate, John Piper, detective/mystery shows, Olive Garden, cheesy Christmas romances, and stuff that makes me laugh (parody, irony, comedy, jokes, Tim Hawkins, etc.)
The blogs I regularly stalk are:
So, there's a little peek into who I am!

Welcome to "Heartening!"

I am a simple pilgrim, on a journey to know God more and reflect His love to others.
I haven't always gotten faith right.
I haven't always been loving and encouraging.
I don't know God as much as I want to.
But, in this little corner of the web, this place named "blessing, strengthening"  
I am seeking to know Jesus more as I process His grace in my life
through writing, photography, and encouraging
thoughts.  I hope that you will find love and refreshment here! 
Thanks for reading!