Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode--Day Six

Amanda and I on our 3-year "Friend-iversary" this summer standing at the spot at the park where we met!
Today's challenge was to find an accountability partner to help you reach your goals. 
I feel like my husband is great at helping me decide where I can cut back in my life and so I often run things by him when I get asked to do something to see what he thinks of it.  As a team, we strive to keep life manageable in the craziness of having 4 young children.
Though I don't call her by a fancy title, like "accountability partner" my friend Amanda and I get together regularly, communicate daily, and constantly talk about our goals, simplifying, minimalizing, homeschooling strategies, cutting back, saying "no" and our lives.  It is of ENORMOUS importance to have a friend or two like this in your life.  Having friendships with other women is such a blessing, an encouragement, and a help during these challenging years of raising children.

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