Friday, January 10, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge--Day Five

The day of our annual Christmas party.  Though I'd love for my living room to look like this ALL of the time you can usually find 3 gallons of Legos on the floor and paper scraps from the boys' incessant cutting and making paper airplanes.

Today's challenge was to de-clutter one area of the home.  I love to organize and de-clutter, so I'm faithful at purging our possessions.  I probably take 2-3 large cardboard boxes of stuff to the local thrift store every  month.  How the toys and kids' clothing never seem to run out is one of our home's greatest mysteries!
I recently de-cluttered the homeschool closet, for the 3rd time since we started school, and I got rid of lots of toys before the "Toy Avalanche" on Dec. 25th so clutter hasn't been too much of a problem lately.  But, even so, there are two things I can do to continue to help keep the clutter under control:
1.  Put half of the new Christmas toys in the shed for the toy rotation.
2.  Put the craft supplies box and paper scrap box out of the boys' reach as they are continually getting into it and making enormous paper messes.  I'm not against creativity, but I'd like to keep them from burning through 50 sheets of paper at a time!
Also, one area I haven't de-cluttered in a while is my vitamin cabinet, so it's time to go through that and toss what has expired.

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