Thursday, February 13, 2014

The One True Love

This was a great post.  Valentine's Day isn't a fun day for many people, single or married, because it sheds light on our unfulfilled hopes.

 The other day I was sorting through some old papers and writings and came across my journal from way back when.  My age?  Sixteen!  It was so interesting to take a trip down memory lane and to see that I am very much the same person that I was back then.  I was surprised at how little had actually changed, including my desire to process things through writing, my handwriting, and even my writing style.  Reading over my New's Years Resolutions was striking...most of my goals back then are still my goals for growth even now!  I guess that means I haven't made much progress, or will always wrestle with the same weaknesses! 
In some ways I was inspired by my past self. 
Teen Lindsey was less jaded than Thirty-Something Lindsey.
Teen Lindsey seemed to have more faith, more energy, more zeal for helping others than I do now as a tired mommy of many young children.
And's nice to now have several of the answers to Teen Lindsey's questions about life, love, and the future.  In spite of my strong faith and confidence in the Lord, I struggled a lot with self-esteem and loneliness in following God.  I definitely lacked the confidence and perspective that comes with experience and age. 
I wish I could reach back in time and give Teen Lindsey a little shake and say, "Do you have any idea how precious you are and how irrelevant other highschoolers opinions are, and how much these hard choices now will bless your future life and marriage?  Stay strong!" 

Reading through my old journals, I saw longing, for love and acceptance...but in that ache for something more...I also found fulfillment in Christ.
There is longing in singleness and there is longing in marriage.
Being single is hard and being in a relationship is hard.
Our hearts are only truly fulfilled in the Lord.
We were made for more than romantic love. 
Romantic love is just a signpost, pointing us to the One True Love that lasts throughout all of life and througout all of eternity.
Today, I'm letting the "consumed" girl of my yesterdays remind me where real love is found!


  1. I've missed reading your posts. I hope everything is ok!

  2. Hi, Linds! Thinking of you today. I still have your last card in my kitchen and the pretty bright flowers make me smile. :) Hugs!